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Wisdom of Many

Sapiens Plurum is seeking your short world-saving fiction!

Your vision of a future Earth (or perhaps another planet) which is fully healthful and happy with transhumanity, other fauna and flora, and the environment.

Become one with the Borg Sapiens Plurum, for we "will have the power of gods of ancient myth: to heal, to transform, to battle and to better the future of humankind, to overcome problems that have plagued civilization for millennia: thirst, hunger, disease, pollution, brutality, tyranny and environmental degradation... and be the first species that can intentionally impact its own evolution — to aspire beyond what was humanly possible."

You up for this? I am!

Read the parameters and enter your 1500 - 3000 word story for a chance to win $300 to $1000 by May 31, 2021!

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