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Well, that's odd...

Archive of the Odd, a weird, wonderful, strange, uncanny, and, well, odd archive, archives weird, wonderful, strange, uncanny, and, well, odd speculative stories NOT in traditional prose.

Wait; what?

For example (from their website):

Academic papers

Book blurbs

Care guides (plant, animal, rock garden, etc)

Encyclopedia entries

Junk mail

Knitting / crochet / weaving / what-have-you guides

Medication warning sheets

Newspaper articles



Sales papers

Social media

Technical writing

...which tell (speculative) stories in 500-ish to 7500-ish words.

Bonus points for horror in new / unusual formats; mixed media (inclusive of text) is welcome in .pdf form.

Email your story in .pdf, .rtf, or .docx format to ArchiveOfTheOdd at GMail dot com by December 1 2021 to get in Issue #1 with payment of up to $25!

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