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Shadow of reality...

Got a story which explores the shadow side of reality?

No? Perhaps you should write one.

Yes? Great. Read on…

Dark Matter Magazine is in search of sci-fi, horror with a sci-fi element, and dark fiction with a sci-fi element. Bonus points for cyberpunk. 1000-5000 words firm.

Need more direction? Read on…

Make sure your story:

1. Has memorable characters, and explores how “sentient creatures interact with and / or are shaped by the story’s central conceit.”

2. Has a polished structure in the traditional one-act or three-act formula.

3. Employs science and /or technology. If the story can exist without the science and / or technology element, that’s a no.

4. Has narrative momentum, and is “constantly pushing the narrative forward into increasingly deeper, darker, and weirder places.” 5. Has tension, and evokes feeling for the characters.

6. Has resolution AKA no cliff-hangers. 7. Is a little risky. Is something totally new. Combines “genres and concepts in unique and interesting ways.” Is weird. Is bizarre. Is imaginative.

8. Isn’t fan-fic.

Read the specs and scroll down to submit by 11:00 p.m. CST, Halloween, 2021!

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