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Secret Data Story

The University of Bristol is seeking out stories about "secret" data... with a maximum of 4000 words (not including the title).

"This secret life of data – the traces, bits, and fragments of personal information that we leave behind us online – is the focus of this short story competition."

So, a secretive theme and / or subtext would serve you well in this competition, I imagine...

Here are more clues: "...what does our data looks like, what does it do or feel as it moves around hidden inside our phones, computers, digital devices, our apps and networks..."

So, the appearance of data while doing and feeling while moving.

Send your Word doc.- or pdf.-formatted story as an attachment to an email containing your agreement to the contest rules (For example, “Please find attached my entry for the Secret Life of Data Short Story Competition. I have read and agreed to the rules of the Competition." Then sign your name.) to:

And you could win up to £1000!

Submissions close on Monday, September 12, at 9 a.m. BST.

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