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Seaworthy prompt.

Imagine being shipwrecked on a ship... but without the "wrecked" part. Sounds a bit too bizarre? Well, as is said, truth is stranger than fiction. Mohammed Aisha (let's set aside the name for now and focus on this guy's plight) was forced to spend nearly four years on an abandoned cargo ship (save for his swims to shore and back to recharge his phone and get food).

Could nobody motorboat or helicopter supplies to him? Let alone a government or wealthy philanthropist club pay the abandoned ship fee to free him? And why wasn't this international news with GoFundMes, prayer circles, memes, and live streams? Yes, of course, there are countless atrocities happening all the time everywhere there are sentient Earthlings, but... this is a fresh new kind of bizarre. Even more bizarre is that this isn't the only case. Onboard ship abandonment is becoming a thing now.

Nearly four years is a long time to mull over a prompt. So I will mull over this prompt for only nearly four weeks (mercifully), then post my story on this blog. Ta-Da! In the maritime, get your sea legs on and smooth sail your shanty to ship-shape!

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