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Rule of law?

"Why has the rule of law become so fragile?"

That is the concept. Accept it or reject it, but you must fully engage with it.

. . .

Nine Dots Prize is taking applications for your book proposal -- ficti0n or non-fiction -- answering the question*.

Contestants must submit a:

1. Summary of up to 3000 words, an

2. Outline of up to 1000 words, and a

3. Justification of up to 1000 words.

(Note: Winner[s] will be expected to engage about their winning on social media, travel for / give interviews, and similar tasks.)

. . .

So think outside the dots and answer the 9-word question*, showing your work.

Do all this by "11.59am GMT (midday) on 23 January 2023."

(I advise doing this all no later than early on the 22nd, because math!)

. . .

*"Why has the rule of law become so fragile?"

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