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Reporting from Lopstick, a Fabulous Fall Fiction Contest Roundup!

Grab yer hot apple cider (or cold lemonade, depending on where ya live), an' git yer keyboard a-clackin', 'cause these contests are 'bout ta wend tha way o' tha wind...

Halloween-theme. Either one short story (max 4,000 words), one play (max 10 pages), or up to three flash fictions (max 1,500 words each) and / or poems (max one page each). Enter by October 1, 2021. Win up to $50.

Bonus points "for pieces related to the theme of 'Home'." 100 words exactly. Enter by October 19, 2021. Win $100 exactly. (Also check out their other complimentary contests on the same page!)

"...exciting, stimulating, original and beautifully written... that leave a powerful impression on the reader." Between 600-1000 words. Enter by October 31, 2021. Win up to £300.

"Murder or another serious crime or crimes is at the heart of the story." Minimum of 60,000 words. Enter by December 17, 2021. Win an advance against future royalties of $10,000.

Now git ta clackin'!

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