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Multi-lingual minis.

"The César Egido Serrano Foundation was created to propose that the word be the tool of coexistence between cultures and religions and against all violence."

How cool is that?!

But this foundation gets even cooler.

You can win up to $20,000 with your flash fiction tale (capped at 100 words)!

From the website:

Taking into account the objective of the Foundation, which is that the word is the tool of coexistence between different cultures, religions and ideologies, the VI Edition of competition is open, under the slogan: “Faced with COVID; Solidarity and Resilience”.

Having said that, the theme is open… which is the coolest. So enter your micro by September 30, 2021.

Enlace para participar en español.

Link to participate in English.

.رابط المشاركة باللغة العربية

.קישור להשתתפות בעברית

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