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Micronation inspiration...

Imagine you are the leader, ruler, monarch, president, dictator, what-have-you of your very own nation. It can be possible if you scale down. A number of people have done this.

"How!?" you may ask.

Establish your very own micronation! (The actual rules and regulations of actually non-fictionally and legally establishing your very own micronation are beyond the scope of this fiction writer's blog, however.)

In my research, I was surprised to discover that (the Grand Duchy of) Luxembourg is not a micronation (it's officially a country [and probably officially some other non-micronation things too]), and even more surprised to discover that Micronesia is also not a micronation (it's officially a subregion of Oceania, which is a geographical region).

And get this:

"Some micronations like Sealand and Austenasia reject the term 'micronation' and consider themselves as sovereign states; other micronations like Flandrensis or Molossia, while also officially considering themselves as such, have no intention to be actually recognized as real states."

And another microfact:

"Sealand holds the Guinness World Record for 'the smallest area to lay claim to nation status.' "

"So how did you find yourself down this micro-rabbithole?" you may ask.

Well, in my writerly wanderings, I happened across a video of the latest micronation to establish itself: Slowjamastan...

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