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One of my stand-alone novels, MARK + DOT, had been sitting in a desktop file for quite some time. The ending was complete, with the antagonist safely drown in a quarry (key word being "safely"). And the protagonist was finally free of the emotional, financial, and legal stranglehold she had on him. Or was he? MARK + DOT is a story of dualities. Says so right in the title. And so with a second #1000wordsofsummer this year, I dove back into the story with the sequel. Aptly titled DOT + MARK. Will the roles reverse? Will the antagonist become the protagonist, and vice versa? Nah. Like its predecessor, DOT + MARK is a character-driven story, and though the characters have arcs, they don't transform into other people. Part two of the protagonist's living nightmare has already begun. And I'm gleeful. :)

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