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Help build a plausible sci-fi world!

Wanna (help) worldbuild a plausible, coherent, detailed, and (at least minimally) pleasant sci-fic future?

Of course you do!

Here are the basic parameters (for more details and to find team members, click on the above link):

To be plausible, the world should:

Be consistent with today’s real world;

Be consistent with known science; and

Not rely on improbable / implausible events (miracles).

And the world should be a place yourself and many others would enjoy inhabiting.

Due date is April 15, 2022.

And the (potential) rewards are more than non-monetary! From the website:

First prize: $20,000

Two second prizes: $10,000 each

Five third prizes: $2,000 each

Ten fourth prizes: $1,000 each

Judges discretionary prizes: up to five prizes of up to $2,000 each.

Important note: Prizes will be evenly split among members of prizewinning teams, but to encourage collaboration they will also be up-scaled by a factor of 1.5 for 2-person teams, 1.75 for 3-person teams, 1.875 for 4-person teams, and 2.0 for 5-person or more teams. Thus, e.g., a two-person team winning first prize would be awarded $15,000 each. This means that the contest has a total prize pool of up to $140,000.

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