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Get your night terror in a scary anthology!

Get your free full-length horror novel on Scare Street!

Then offer up your scariest 3,000 - 7,000 word (will consider stories slightly outside this range) short horror story / dark tale focusing on ghosts, monsters, the paranormal, and / or the supernatural. Remember to read the spooky specs! Chosen stories and tales and will be included a Night Terrors anthology, and pay is $10 per 1,000 words.

Here are some handy thumbs down:

1. Reprints.

2. Abundance of spelling / grammar errors.

3. Non-horror, non-dark fantasy, non-disturbing fiction.

4. Fan fic.

5. Erotica, torture porn.

6. Anti race, religion, nationality, disability, gender, and /or sexuality stories.

7. Gratuitous gore / violence.

8. Thoughtless depiction of child, animal, and / or sexual abuse.

9. Abundance of vulgar language.

And some handy thumbs up:

1. Unpublished.

2. American English spelling.

3. They go for creepy, dark, literary, unsettling, and weird.

4. Also clever, and logical end twists.

5. And new ideas and unusual writing styles.

6. Make sure the dialogue is believable.

7. Action! (show, don't tell)

Take a stroll on Scare Street for the specifically specific specs...

And do all this by July 30, 2021!

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