Essay (or short story) contest.

Fountain Magazine, a publisher of writings on life, belief, knowledge, and universe, is seeking essays (and short stories)* about pandemic revival revival "after" the pandemic.

They are NOT seeking: "...essays that emphasize superiority of a specific worldview or derogating a specific worldview... Essays that "propagate" a certain spiritual order, a religious denomination, a spiritual leader, or a political activist, etc. in a way that subordinates all other faiths and traditions are considered devotional..."

No previously published pieces.

And be sure to slap on a title.

*From the website:

Would an essay in the short story genre qualify for the contest?

As long as your theme is skillfully woven through its structure, and if it upholds The Fountain’s values and principles, yes.

Read the details and submit here.

And win up to $1,000!

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