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Briefly speculate in fiction...

Attention new and emerging writers! The Dream Foundry, an NFP that helps "new professionals in the speculative genres," is having a contest of short speculative fiction by emerging writers. But first...

Have you published in total < 4,000 words of paid speculative fiction (in English)?

Have you earned in total < $320 from the above?

Have you not been nominated for any of these in speculative fiction?

Are you not a previous winner of The Dream Foundry writing contest?

If your answer is YES to all of the above, you are eligible!


Yes to short speculative fiction. No to erotica; gratuitous depictions of abuse and / or violence and / or sexual assault; non-speculative stories; screenplays; poetry; children’s stories; stories > 10,000 words; and non-fiction.

Submit your speculative short fiction by October 8, 2022. (“That includes all time zones.”)

You could win up to $1,000!

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