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Rona-inspired writing contest.

Regarding the Rona, Owl Hollow Press states:

"We debated the topic of viruses because this year has been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. There has been suffering, loss, and devastation to families and businesses and countries. We would never want to exploit that or be insensitive to the pain of others. However, the entire world has come together in new ways, and it seems a shame not to acknowledge that either.

Ultimately, because stories are some of the best ways to heal, connect with others, process our own emotions, and remember the nuances of unique times and places, we decided to move ahead."

Check the specs, and email your potentially viral story of less than 7,500 words to as a Word attachment, with "Year of the Virus" in the subject line, from June 10th to July 10th. Authors of winning stories get $50.

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