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Presto, sentences!

Need some sentences to jumpstart your writing? Artificial intelligence to the rescue; presto some sentences here!

Here are mine (after several trial runs):

  1. Italy is my favorite country; in fact, I plan to spend two weeks there next year.

  2. He always wore his sunglasses at night.

  3. At that moment she realized she had a sixth sense.

  4. He colored deep space a soft yellow.

  5. He quietly entered the museum as the super bowl started.

  6. He used to get confused between soldiers and shoulders, but as a military man, he now soldiers responsibility.

  7. The beauty of the African sunset disguised the danger lurking nearby.

  8. She let the balloon float up into the air with her hopes and dreams.

  9. Everyone says they love nature until they realize how dangerous she can be.

  10. Abstraction is often one floor above you.

My takeaways?

1. Yes, Italy would be a hotspot vacay destinay. The sooner, the hotter.

2. Such was the way of the one-Hart wonder.

3. And it was smell. And she was no longer confused by the manifestation of her nose.

4. As the gentle guidance of a friendly moonbeam filtering through the dew-drenched canopy...

5. No bros were to be found. But their sporty roars still rumbled in his noggin.

6. And shoulders tacks of brass.

7. Such is the challenge of Earthly evolution!

8. Around the world they floated until they were sucked into the engine of a transcontinental jet.

9. See #7.

10. See above.

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