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SINGULARITY, pages 393 - 490


Synopsis: Knox and Bonaventure are tracked down by the mega-yacht crew, of course, and are taken back onboard the mega-yacht, where most everybody is gathered for the final countdown... to the wee black hole post-initiative: time-travel! Or, more tellingly: message-travel! Sending messages from the present / future to the past / present (see how weird time- / message- travel gets?) to change the course of history / the future of the USSR and the world! Anyway, down in a submersible they all go to witness the wee black hole's SINGULARITY. Everyone looks on in bewilderment as the SINGULARITY dawns, but then, EGADS! The past / future of the USSR and the world is witnessed by all in the submersible via the SINGULARITY and it's Armageddon! But Knox is able to pull himself away from the horrors in time to use his consultant psychology skills to convince to message retriever / sender to abort, and saves to day. And, of course, the future!

Reaction: Overall, SINGULARITY is a solid thriller, and much of the science (to my understanding) is accurate. The time- / message-travel loop-de-loops are a bit circular to follow, but... such is the nature of time- / message-travel. The characters are well-rounded enough to be interesting, and most all of them have characters arcs. Bonaventure and Knox have a knack for getting the holy crap beaten out of them and bouncing back after a few hours (or minutes), but that's what superheros do. At any rate, I'm glad they saved the world!

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