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SINGULARITY, pages 295 - 392


Synopsis: Bonaventure and Knox are snatched up by the agency from the cold, dark sea. And so, safely on land, continue their sex sessions. But now they're all touchy-feely too. And hapless Knox still has no idea of how to make sense of Bonaventure's cat-like moves. Fresh with the victory of capturing the wee black hole, Grishin is intent on capturing the the two supersleuths. Meanwhile, Adler, miraculously recovered from the wolf attack, publishes his wee-black-hole-in-the-earth findings online. Then Adler (via videoconference), Knox, Bonaventure, and eccentric computer hacker genius Mycroft meet and pool their knowledge.

Reaction: DeSmedt is fixated on Bonaventure's non-saggy breasts, that's annoyingly clear by now. And the sex descriptions, though mercifully brief, are nonetheless eye-rolling. Aren't they always, though? Putting aside the steamy sex snippets, the computer tech and black hole passages were well-written, but lengthy for a thriller novel. Yes, DeSmedt knows his stuff, and DeSmedt's readers know he knows his stuff.

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