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SINGULARITY, pages 197 - 294


Synopsis: Knox and Bonaventure continue their sleuthing and slinking (and of course they finally boink) aboard the megayacht, until Grishin decides it's time to CAPTURE THE wee black hole with his super high tech wee-black-hole-capturing equipment. And so he instructs his hired thug to take the duo on a helicopter ride to a nearby island AKA dump them out at sea. Meanwhile, turns out that Adler wasn't offed by the wolf after all. He barely survived. Whew! Time to do more black-hole-detecting research. Back to the megayacht. The black hole, in it's subterranean orbit, nears the superconductive toroid electromagnets... and it's in!

Reaction: Bonaventure and Knox really know how to be annoying. Bumping and grinding and eye-rollingly unprofessional, especially for super spies onboard a megayacht. And a "Boobs aren't everything" (non-dialogue) line nearly had me thinking this had turned into a comedy. But the description of the wee black hole ensconced in an electromagnet was fun...

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