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SINGULARITY, pages 99 - 196


Synopsis: Knox and boss Aristos have a pissing contest (Knox won). This gave Knox just enough swagger to spy with Bonaventure on Grishin's megayacht. Adler, about to be booted from the Siberian research post, gets whacked by a hired thug, and if that wasn't enough, devoured by the thug's wolf. Or did he? A cliffhanger... Back to Knox and Bonaventure: sea legs firmly planted on the megayacht, they do some skillful sleuthing; and sparks fly between them...

Reaction: Bonaventure and Knox kicked their side of the story into high gear, as expected, with their snooping and spying on the megayacht. Knox is a toned-down James Bond, and Bonaventure is a less-funny Catwoman. Also eye-rolling were with the flirty details of a curve-hugging "invisible" slink-around suit and a kiss (both Bonaventure's doing). Knox still doesn't know what to make of her, which is predictable and annoying.

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