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SINGULARITY, pages 1 - 98


Synopsis: Over one hundred years after the Tunguska event -- a mysterious and massive explosion in the Siberian hinterlands -- astrophysicist Jack Adler sojourns across the frozen outback to gather enough evidence to prove his hypothesis: The explosion the flattened 2,000 square kilometres of forest was caused by a submicroscopic black hole that is still burrowing through the planet! Meanwhile, secret agent Marianna Bonaventure is on the trail of three missing WMD scientists. Management consultant Jonathan Knox joins the fun and they hop onboard the corporate headquarters megayacht of billionaire industrialist Arkady Grishin...

Reaction: I was entranced by the preliminary description of the submicroscopic black hole pealing toward Earth and burrowing into the planet... and the cataclysmic impact it left. Also appealing was the trek of Adler to across the vastness of Siberia to interview a witness of the event (insofar as a witness could be running away from the event in question). The preliminary twists and turns that Bonaventure and Knox take on the trail were less thrilling in comparison. But I suspect those two will kick their side of the story into high gear -- that's why they're there.

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