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What does rain say?

Fellow writers, do you at times find your novel characters out to lunch? On on holiday? Or maybe they're just not in a talking mood? Good, because that's when you can make use of rain gossip. The rain is always hanging (or dripping) around in some form... either as a downpoured deluge, in a sloppy, soaked weed patch, or as a steamy, foggy, swirly mist... And the rain has heard and seen everything from the sneaky whispers on the front porch at midnight to the tip-toed trips through the dew0bamp tulips... So what does the rain, or mist, or snow, or flood have to say? Plenty! Press your ear to the rain-cooled glass and you will decipher the pitter-pats... or stoop down, place your ear to the ground, and listen to the underground trickles... the rain is constantly chatting the days' and nights' events...

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