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Eleven Minutes of Detention

Fellow writer Tom Merriman wrote an Elevensies here, and invited his visitors to write one of their own, using the word prompts and genres.

I'm a naughty schoolgirl at heart, so how could I resist this one?

Lingering after school...

He slowly erases the chalkboard.

All integrity and honesty as a school teacher... evaporates.

The mist of her perfume bewitches him as she sashays across the floor.

Butterflies in his stomach...

"I've been a naughty schoolgirl, and I accept my detention," she says with a giggle.

His big, clammy hands slip around her petite waist.

She's coy at first...

But then smothers him with kisses.

His glasses clatter onto the floor.

Then the broom closet door bursts open!

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