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Foucault's Pendulum, pages 335 - 485

synopsis: More random traveling with Causabon and company, more Jungian philosophizing inspired by sculptures and building features and such. Then they wander into a psychedelic party. Later they eavesdrop on a Rosicrucian meeting. Causabon meets up with Lia and she schools him on occultism and tells him she's pregnant. Segue to Causabon and cohorts talking about the mysticism of car parts. Then, of course, more historical ramblings: "The Massalians are not dualists but monarchians, and they have dealings with the infernal powers, and in fact some texts call them Borborites, from from borboros, filth, because of the unspeakable things they do."

"What do they do?"

"The usual unspeakable things. Men and women hold in the pa,m of their hand, and raise to heaven, their own ignominy, namely, sperm or menstruum, then eat it, calling it the Body of Christ. And if by chance a woman is made pregnant, at the opportune moment they stick a hand into her womb, pull out the embryo, throw it into a mortar, mix in some honey and pepper, and gobble it up!"

"How revolting, honey and pepper!" Diotallevi said.

reaction: Drudgery. The plot wanders on and on without really going anywhere... Random tangents and incidental asides. So many obscure references and so many obscure words. But through sheer grit-filled determination I will get through this book review. I'm stubborn that way.

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