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Movie Review of Tormented (1960)

Tormented / directed and produced by Bert I. Gordon and starring Richard Carlson

Synopsis – An aspiring jazz pianist engaged to a wealthy beach babe tries to break it off with his side squeeze, a jealous, needy B-rate singer. Easier said than done on a resort island. Turns out Ms. B-rate kept all the explicit letters Mr. Jazz Hands ever wrote to her. They hash it out on the balcony of the island's lighthouse, and WHOOPS, the railing gives way when she leans against it. And WHOOPS, he doesn't exactly offer his jazz hand as she's clinging to the broken railing. But she's not done with him; she immediately goes into haunt mode! In the meantime, the bartender in The Shining travels backward in time looking for the second half of the round-trip fare he was expecting for boating B-rate to the island. But being a clever and sociopathic bartender, Jazz Hands has to send the 'tender to where he sent B-rate. And can you guess what happens at the wedding? Bonus points for guessing what happens after the nuptials are interrupted...

Reaction – I'm a big fan of camp, so this goofy ghost movie gets two thumbs up from me! Especially silly were the beachside shenanigans B-rate pulled just to torment Jazz Hands. What is the saying... "Waves have no fury like a woman scorned"? Or "Jealousy conquers all"?

Recommendation – Great fun for those who have unexpectedly and non-consensually found themselves in a hanky-panky triangle.

Watch it here.

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