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Book Review of The Harvest

The Harvest / Scott Nicholson

Synopsis - An alien life force crashes to Earth, near the small town of Windshake in the Appalachian Mountains. It's hungry for nourishment and knowledge. And so it feeds... shuuu-sha. Plants, woodland creatures, townsfolk. It's not picky, and its shuuu-sha appetite is huge. As the people of Windshake go about their daily dramas--drinking, drugging, sinning, and preaching--the shuuu-sha creeps and slithers its way into their hearts and minds. Literally. And they become one with the shuuu-sha. But a rag-tag band of Windshakers get wise and devise their own invasion of the alien invader...

Reaction - I was already a fan of Nicholson's Appalachian horror. Quirky, corny, and campy, The Harvest kept me entertained with a wide cast of characters and vivid descriptions of how shuuu-sha transmogrified them into oozing, walking plantmeats. Zombies, except with vines and tendrils sprouting from putrid mushflesh. The ending was a bit preachy, but I always appreciate a peace and love message.

Recommendation - This would be a fun campfire read. Recommended for Appalachian horror fans, zombie fans, and body horror fans. The transmogrification descriptions were colorful and disgusting, but with just enough goofballiness to keep your dinner down.

Get it here.

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