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Negative Utilitarians on a Date

"My greatest dream and desire would be your instantaneous obliteration, alongside my instantaneous obliteration, and of course the subsuming nonexistance of the entire multiverse throughout all space and time."

"I, too, wish the same for me and you, and for all sentience throughout the existence of sentience."

"Were we Christian, we could simply hold hands and pray for multiversal annihilation, and it should be done. For where two are gathered to pray, the Christian god is there with them."

"But alas, no true Christian would ever pray for such inclusive peace."

"And alas, this God would not grant such freedom, so that no thing and no one would or could ever feel a moment of negativity."

"Or instead, maybe just wish for the instantaneous obliteration of all negative experience."

"Sounds complicated. But whichever... "

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