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Batch 413

June 13, 2018

(Below is the story I submitted from my last post. I opted for the radio play format with almost 100% of the story being dialogue (a vice of mine). Because it's a DuoLINGO contest, I opted to jettison dialogue tags. There are only two characters in the story; if I didn't get lost, you won't!)



“Jack, did you tackle batch number 413 yet?”


“Oh hi, Quilene. No. I haven’t added anything to any test tubes since you started working with the viruses. I won’t touch those nasty things.”


“Jack, your job as my research assistant is to assist me without exception.”


“Research assistant? You advertised for a personal assistant. I'm sorry I’m so squeamish. It’s just that I have a germ phobia.”




“I've got to get over my phobia. All I have to do is process batch 413. Just grab the test tube. I can tackle this..."






“Jack, please tell me that isn’t batch 413!”


“Quilene! I... I’m sorry. I'll mop it up.”


"Jack, be careful!"






“Quilene... what happened?”


“You had an accident, Jack. I managed to decontaminate you, but my lab is now a biohazard. I had to drag you outside. Batch 413 contained a mutation. In the refrigeration unit, it was dormant. But every time it was exposed to light, it grew.”


“Can’t you just mop it up?”


“When I said it grew, I meant a single virus grew. When I dragged you outside, the virus was as big as a cat, and walking across the floor. I called headquarters and they’re sending a hazmat unit. But I don’t think they can help us. That virus is growing too fast.”




“It’s breaking the window!”




I'll save you, Quilene! It's the no-see-ums that scare me. But as long as I can see it, I can tackle it!"

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