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Swarm of crickets...

A figurative swarm. And only regarding the chirps...

With each successive query, I believe my query letter becomes more and more irresistible. Until finally this last query I was convinced my selected agent would read it and immediately praise the gods of story-making for dropping MEATFUL THINGS in his virtual lap. And the agent in question would immediately hit REPLY with a "YES I need to represent this novel that is PERFECTLY-MATCHED-TO-MY-SENSIBILITIES, HALLELUJAH!"

Alas, two month and two weeks later, crickets...

From the webpage of the agent: "Please only query one of us. And please don’t call us to follow up. We try our best to reply to all queries, and of course we always respond if we’re interested."

Future MEATFUL THINGS agent, I know you're out there somewhere. I just have to hunt you down and claim you. And I will. Oh yes I will...


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