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Two more rejections...

Hooray the Ides of March! For with it came two more rejections, and the more rejections, the greater the chance of an eventual acceptance. Or so the story goes...

On March 13, I received this from the first agent I queried:

Dear CM,

Thanks for letting me take a look at your query. I’m sorry it has taken so long to get to it. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m not the right agent for this project, so it’s best if I pass.

Thanks so much for thinking of me. I wish you success with your future writing.

I. Will Pass (agent's name paraphrased)

On March 14, I received this from the third agent I queried:

Dear CM Stewart, Thanks for your query. Unfortunately, I don't feel I’m the right agent for your project, but I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to take a look and wish you the best of luck and success going forward. Sincerely,

Anne Other No (agent's name paraphrased)

My first official novel query rejection (from the second agent I queried) is here.


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