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Book Reviews of Overclocked and Lake Lurkers

Overclocked / Cory Doctorow

Synopsis – This collection of six short stories explores the author's sci-fi vision of of future plausible computer-glichy scenarios. Doctorow explores rogue computer viruses and worms, forced human labor in a dystopian technocracy, the future intersection of technology and environment, and more.

Reaction – I found the first story in this book of short stories too jargon-heavy to finish. After forcing myself to page 25, I skipped ahead, and I found the remaining stories too character-light. Not worth my time, I tossed it into my "Donate" pile.

Recommendation – This collection is for way-too-cool tech-savvy only.

Get the book here.

* * *

Lake Lurkers / MP Johnson

Synopsis – Tess finally saves enough money to buy her dream house by the lake. A place she can feel safe and secure and happily-ever-after. Too bad she's not the only one who thinks her new abode is a dream house. The space alien fish monsters also feel safe and secure and happily-ever-after there in Tess's basement. And they're hungry. And not for fish food. Who or what will win in a battle between space alien fish monsters and humans?! Let the slaughtering commence!!

Reaction – I enjoyed this quick and easy tale of monsters versus people. Just the right amount of gore and fish guts. Lots of humorous one-liners throughout. A murky, watered-down plot with a fish eye-rolling ending. None of the characters were likeable, but that didn't detract from the appeal of the irreverent storyline.

Recommendation – Read this big fish tale horror short with a big bowl of popcorn sprinkled with seaweed flakes!

Get the ebook here.

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