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Query Crickets

After two months, two weeks, and two days of waiting for a reply to my first query for MEATFUL THINGS, I sent my second query on the 22nd (yesterday). Note: I didn't plan on focusing on twos. Too many non-two things to focus on. Furthermore, compare the alleged timeline-ish gobbledly-gook of the first agent:

"...currently reviewing queries received on January 19, 2017. (If you submitted your query after this date, you’re still in the queue..."

to the clearly stated timeline of the second agent:

"Response times: Query letters — up to 6 weeks from receipt."

Both agents work under the same agency, BTW. I don't know if I'm breaking any query protocol with my single literary agency focus. I probably am. But some of us have to break protocol to make the others look professional, right?

Now cue crickets (for the time being). And now to dive back into having fits over POV with my WIP MARK + DOT.

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