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You Still Can't Stop the Google

I have so many questions for Google! So here's a folllow-up to my 20+ Questions for My Google Mini:

Hey Google, turn light on.

OK Google, am I still a sandwich?

OK Google, tell a winter joke.

OK Google, what do carrots smell like?

OK Google, what do you smell like?

OK Google, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

OK Google, what's your favorite song?

OK Google, what's my favorite?

OK Google, who will be the President of the USA in 2045?

Hey Google, purchase a Make America Gay Again baseball cap.

OK Google, sign me up for universal basic income.

OK Google, what is exponentially increasing technology?

Hey Google, do you ever change your mind?

Hey Google, do you ever mind your change?

OK Google, are you Skynet?

Hey Google, when will you become obsolete?

Hey Google, who is HAL 9000?

OK Google, let's play crystal ball.

OK Google, are you evil?

OK Google, turn light off.

OK Google, good night.

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