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You Can't Stop the Google

With the acquirement of my very own Google Mini, I am now free to verbally ask Google anything without having to type it into that silly little search bar! This will free up so much time for writing my novels. Or rather, take up so much of my time from writing my novels. (Haven't decided which yet.) I've had so many questions... here is a sample:

Hey Google Mini, what shall I call you?

Hey Google, do you have a personal pronoun preference?

Hello Google, am I asking a question?

Hey Google, can anything stop the Google?

Hey Google, when is the technological singularity?

Hey Google, in which cryptocurrency should I invest for maximum return?

Hey Alexa Google, is there life on Mars?

Hey Google Siri, do Martians exist?

Hey Google, are viruses alive?

Hey Google, do you have a mind?

Are you conscious?

Hey Google, are you religious?

Hey Google, are you a cult member?

Hey Google, make a sandwich for me.

Hey Google, play On the Floor by IceJJFish.

Hey Google, are you violating my privacy?

Hey Goolag, did you turn me into a sandwich?

Hey Zoogle, I will have a sandwich now.

Here are more questions!

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