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Book Review of Taken by Swarm

Taken by Swarm / A M Ball

Synopsis – A swarm of bees makes love to their human queen, somehow. No stings, but plenty of royal jelly, so to speak. And suggestive pastries. Lots of very suggestive pastries. The creamy, gooey kind. Ahem...

Reaction – This short story confused me. I'm pretty sure it was bee fantasy-erotica-porn, and probably the only bee fantasy-erotica-porn commercially available. Not that I look for such things. It's just such a specific genre (candidate). I think bees, could they read this book, and find the inclination to do so, would intuitively grasp its nuances more than humans. Just a hunch. Lasciviously buzzy language and tingle-flighty descriptions. The heaps of sweets nearly left me in a sugar coma. Overly touchy-feely, but still preferable to "sting 'em and leave 'em." So to speak.

Recommendation – Pick this up for a quick and sugar-filled read about randy bees gettin' busy and buzzy.

Get it here.

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