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Writing Roots

I don't know much about my family, other than my parent were hippies, and my family tree is riddled with vagabonds and miscreants. So when a round of doctor's appointments revealed anemia, oxalate sensitivity, and low calcium and B12, I decided to have a genetic health risk test.

I was quite surprised to discover I'm not a walking time bomb.

And not so surprised that some of my ancestors were Neanderthals (more than most 23 and Me testees).

But it turns out my ancestry could be more helpful than not.

And in any case, I'm lucky I'm slightly OCD with hygiene, specifically dental hygiene.

Aside from the more obvious physical traits, I also discovered some of my writing roots. My maternal haplogroup is J2b1, of which Dark Ages scholar, poet, and Humanism founder Petrarch is also a member. Seems fitting. Though every one of us is a unique genetic experiment, I'm left with an odd feeling of kinship...

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