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13 on 13

13, a fiction podcast of “slow-burn, atmospheric stories, horror and ghost stories,” wants your scary stories!

Note: “Submissions may be altered to best fit the audio format. Minor changes, such as clipping dialogue attributions, adjusting for tone, consolidating character dialogue into narration, and replacing descriptions will occur in most submissions.”

13 Pro Tips:

1. Format as a script.

2. First-person central narrator with supporting characters.

3. One to four cast members.

4. No derogatory language.

5. No sexual assault.

6. Excellent character development.

7. Well-crafted.

8. Atmospheric.

9. Compelling setting(s).

10. Take time getting to the scares.

11. Slow-burning pace and tension.

12. Make sure it’s a horror / ghost story.

13. Put “Story Submission” in the subject line of your submission email.

Pay is $25 for up to 4,999 words, and $50 for at least 5,000 words.

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