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December 19, 2019

The poet, strolling through the woods, catches a glimpse of you and immediately falls in love, but is so taken by your beauty that all that can be done is to stand and stare as you walk past. No words exchanged. And so that night the poet makes calls to friends, tells...

November 14, 2019

I know if Andy and Buddy could see me now, they’d kick my ass. But I can’t help it. She’s beautiful. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a girl this beautiful. Problem’s she’s colored. That’s why they’d kick my ass. Even thinking the thought, they’d clean the floor with me.

I k...

October 16, 2019

As I wrote in this post, I entered a scary dribble contest. And now there are thousands of stories in the running (including mine!), all free for the reading. So if you're planning on sitting around a campfire this Halloweentime, or just snuggling warm and safe indoors...

September 11, 2019

Of all the people on the meadow, the girl is the only one who is not taking photographs. Because photographs of a meadow are meant for people who don’t actually get to be on a meadow. In photographs, the fog is always thicker than it really is. In photographs, the gras...

July 18, 2018

Though I'm a flash fiction fan, rarely do I read a flash fiction story that still haunts me a year later. This story is the psychological horror I love, the theme to which I aspire, and the human experience which cuts through the hot air and chills your core:




July 4, 2018

“I’m Matthew Selles. A gentleman of cultured taste. And this is Bella Vodka. A vodka of cultured spirit.”

I’m always surprised to hear my own voice on playback. But I think I sound convincing. And my hair looks great. But the Bella Vodka people haven’t called me in mont...

June 13, 2018

(Below is the story I submitted from my last post. I opted for the radio play format with almost 100% of the story being dialogue (a vice of mine). Because it's a DuoLINGO contest, I opted to jettison dialogue tags. There are only two characters in the story; if I didn...

April 18, 2018

The best advice my father would've given to me, had he been Remy Charlip:

It is a dark and stormy night, we are standing on the deck, the ship is sinking, I say to my father "tell me a story" and so he begins: you are a universe in human form, and within that universe,...

April 10, 2018

A quick bedtime mythology for children (and adults) afraid of hurricanes...

Every twelve years, the sea monster Charybdis ravages the village of Messina with a colossal hurricane. The following day, the chosen one, the quasi-immortal Ophelia, is sent out in tribute and...

April 4, 2018

Voice: "I swam all the way here!"

Me: "You... again..."


That is my 15-word (including the title) flash fiction story prompted by Dark Regions Press!

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