January 30, 2019

synopsis: The trio continue developing The Plan, and predictably become more immersed in paranoid, convoluted historical conspiracy. Long, frenzied nights of philosophizing and dreary days of trying to piece together a coherent grid to fit their fragmented theorizings....

January 23, 2019

synopsis: More random traveling with Causabon and company, more Jungian philosophizing inspired by sculptures and building features and such. Then they wander into a psychedelic party. Later they eavesdrop on a Rosicrucian meeting. Causabon meets up with Lia and she sc...

January 16, 2019

synopsis: Causabon falls in love with Ampara and so moves to Brazil to be with her. He engages in socio-political discussion with the Brazilians. Then he receives a letter from Belbo: " evocation of the spirit of Cagliostro was to be held in a few days. I went. .....

January 9, 2019

Synopsis: Causabon recalls his childhood transformation into incredulousness, his university dichotomy between Revolution and Culture, and meeting Belbo at a bar for the first time. Then Belbo tells a childhood story of desiring a trumpet. Causabon tells Belbo's he's w...

January 2, 2019

synopsis: The yet unnamed protagonist recollects how, in a museum, he marveled at a magnificent pendulum. He planned to hide in the museum that night and wait for his friends to somehow sneak in and join him. After considering his hidey-hole options, he feared of being...

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July 15, 2020

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