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January 15, 2020


Synopsis: Knox and Bonaventure continue their sleuthing and slinking (and of course they finally boink) aboard the megayacht, until Grishin decides it's time to CAPTURE THE wee black hole with his super high tech wee-black-hole-capturing equipment. And so he...

January 8, 2020


Synopsis: Knox and boss Aristos have a pissing contest (Knox won). This gave Knox just enough swagger to spy with Bonaventure on Grishin's megayacht. Adler, about to be booted from the Siberian research post, gets whacked by a hired thug, and if that wasn't...

January 1, 2020


Synopsis: Over one hundred years after the Tunguska event -- a mysterious and massive explosion in the Siberian hinterlands -- astrophysicist Jack Adler sojourns across the frozen outback to gather enough evidence to prove his hypothesis: The explosion the...

January 30, 2019

synopsis: The trio continue developing The Plan, and predictably become more immersed in paranoid, convoluted historical conspiracy. Long, frenzied nights of philosophizing and dreary days of trying to piece together a coherent grid to fit their fragmented theorizings....

January 23, 2019

synopsis: More random traveling with Causabon and company, more Jungian philosophizing inspired by sculptures and building features and such. Then they wander into a psychedelic party. Later they eavesdrop on a Rosicrucian meeting. Causabon meets up with Lia and she sc...

January 16, 2019

synopsis: Causabon falls in love with Ampara and so moves to Brazil to be with her. He engages in socio-political discussion with the Brazilians. Then he receives a letter from Belbo: "...an evocation of the spirit of Cagliostro was to be held in a few days. I went. .....

January 9, 2019

Synopsis: Causabon recalls his childhood transformation into incredulousness, his university dichotomy between Revolution and Culture, and meeting Belbo at a bar for the first time. Then Belbo tells a childhood story of desiring a trumpet. Causabon tells Belbo's he's w...

January 2, 2019

synopsis: The yet unnamed protagonist recollects how, in a museum, he marveled at a magnificent pendulum. He planned to hide in the museum that night and wait for his friends to somehow sneak in and join him. After considering his hidey-hole options, he feared of being...

May 23, 2018

TOMATOLAND / Barry Estabrook

Synopsis – Published in 2011, gardener and food writer Barry Estabrook presents a heartbreaking expose of the tomato niche of modern American industrial agriculture. From the the poisoning of the land and its harvest to modern day migrant sl...

May 15, 2018

For Whom the Bell Tolls / Ernest Hemingway

Synopsis – A weary band of Spanish Civil War guerillas camp in a cave in the mountains and plan to blow up a bridge. The expected flashbacks, squabbles, betrayals, reconciliations, and hooking-up ensue. Until the day they actua...

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