Menace the hedge.

Or hedge the menace. If you grok those sentences, I've got a contest for you! "Menacing Hedge is now accepting short stories, poems, and art for our quarterly online magazine." Bonus if your offering is one or more of the following: "...horror, slipstream, magical realism, and science fiction, with styles that lean toward humorous, absurdism, experimental, literary, bizarro, quirky and surreal." No shock porn. (Probably no conventional porn either.) Familiarize yourself with their previous publications, then write something a bit... beyond. Check specs for trimming, then submit hedge-wise.

UNMASKED (fiction)!

Science fiction and fantasy writer Mathew Kressel wants you (yes, you) to unmask your story about... well, masks and unmasking for "A collection of stories about masks and what lies behind them." Just time for (continued) peak Rona. So follow these safety guidelines, and then (figuratively) rip off that mask by November 1, 2020 at 3:00 AM (UTC)!

From summer to fall writing...

Writing project host extraordinaire Jami Attenberg has revamped 1000 Words of Summer into Craft Talk! Sign up for a free or paid subscription, because: "Every Friday I will talk about writing sentences and essays and chapters and entire books and editing all of these kinds of things and how to motivate yourself and how to generate ideas and how to get inspired and how to navigate the publishing industry & more. I will ask other authors and creative people about these topics too. " -Jami Attenberg I'm in for some crafty fall reading and writing...

Write or bake a horrorcake.

Sliced Up Press is hungry for cake horror for inclusion into a curated anthology of... you guessed it -- cake horror. Note: these will be fiction horror stories involving cake (not pizza). Got it? Good! Read the ingredients list, mixing and baking specs, and delivery directions here. Now get to baking! Pays 1¢ per cake crumb. All horror cake stories must be out of the oven and delivered by November 1, 2020, unless they're full of cake before then.

Fellowship Funds

Would you love to get paid to do your art? And in a foreign country, even? Fiction or non, literary or genre, textual or otherwise, this list of writerly-related funding has something for everyone, with many opportunities to travel and live abroad! Read the specs to find your match and apply quickly -- or wait until the Rona has retreated and apply in years to come...

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