Smelly Contest

This short story magazine wants your "creative, compelling, well-crafted story between 1,000 and 5,000 words long in which either a specific scent, or the sense of smell in general, is important to the story." Guidelines: "No children’s fiction, no exploitative sex, no over-the-top grossout horror, and no stories that are obvious parodies of existing fictional worlds/characters created by other authors." More guidelines here. Hurry up and waft your stinkin' story here by September 4, 2020!

Another 1000 Words of Summer, Days 4 - 7

Below are the words I've written for days 1 - 3 of another 1000 Words of Summer. 8-13 "There must be a significance to the June bugs jumping off the cliff," I said, pausing on the trail. Larry kept walking ahead. "This means something!" I called out. Larry turned around. 'What?" "This means something, it's a sign." I walked toward him. "From the animal spirits." "Are you feeling alright?" Larry said. "You're talking weird again." "It's not every day you see June bugs jumping off a cliff. That's highly unusual behavior for any animal en masse, except for lemmings. And even that's in question." "Here we go." Larry sighed. "You're the most superstitious scientist I've ever met." "Number one, I'

Another 1000 Words of Summer, Days 1 - 3

Below are the words I've written for days 1 - 3 of another 1000 Words of Summer. Early the next morning, Larry and I woke up cheerful and relaxed. A fresh start for our second honeymoon. We picked up some coffee and a few vegan muffins at the snack shop, then took a drive to the sanctuary. The sun was hot and the blazing by 9 o' clock, but the air was dry. And dusty. We followed a ways back from another couple that were also headed to the sanctuary, but the trail dust still hung thick in the air. And the air conditioning in the FJ was on the fritz. So we had to roll the windows down. Good thing I remembered to take my Zyrtec before we left, or I would've sneezed my head off from the dust bef

Another 1000 Words of Summer...

Again, calling all writers, wordsmiths, and sentence-scrawlers! Jump into this supportive summer writing group in which you will write 1000 words per day from August 10 through August 16. Again, hosted by the mosted Jami Attenberg.

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