Legendary short sub op.

Legendary Tales, a magazine of speculative fiction, is seeking the same in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, and Supernatural. They're a wham-bam brand new website, so you have a great chance of getting your story online here. X-nay on the "explicit sex or violence, rapists, or child abusers." They want strong character-driven stories of 1,000 to 7,500 words, and they pay 1¢ per word. Read the specs, and submit your legendary short story here.

Picture Your Picture

The Book Doctors are back again with advice on an oft neglected detail of being a published author -- your author photos! You say you don't care to have author photos, because you're presenting your words and not your countenance? I agree. But consider that readers may connect more with a writer whom they can picture, and in turn, connect more with that writer's stories. And making that connection is what being a (public) writer is all about!

[title goes here]

After the cover, the brilliant title of a book is what sells it, at least for writers who haven't yet developed a following. So you want the title of your book to be catchy, mysterious, and intriguing, to pique the interest of the potential readers... but at the same time, a bit familiar and relatable, so as not to alienate. How the heck are you gonna do all that?! No worries, The Book Doctors give some great book-titling tips. (Also be sure to read the comments under this video on YouTube for even more tips!)

Rona-inspired writing contest.

Regarding the Rona, Owl Hollow Press states: "We debated the topic of viruses because this year has been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. There has been suffering, loss, and devastation to families and businesses and countries. We would never want to exploit that or be insensitive to the pain of others. However, the entire world has come together in new ways, and it seems a shame not to acknowledge that either. Ultimately, because stories are some of the best ways to heal, connect with others, process our own emotions, and remember the nuances of unique times and places, we decided to move ahead." Check the specs, and email your potentially viral story of less than 7,500 words to subm

(Fictional) defenestration opportunity.

Ready to throw your writing out the window? Great! Now you have the momentum to hurl yourself into this website: "Stories must include an incident of Defenestrationism– the art, or -ism, of throwing people out windows. This need not be literal." "Our team defines such an incident as follows, 'a sudden, immediate, even violent shift, change, or seismical event between the beginning and the end.' " ... They also highly suggest meticulous punctuation and editing. No zombie stories. Bonus points for "color as a theme to develop across the story" and "a completely non-violent, perhaps emotional, perhaps epiphanic, defenestrationism story." No obvious landing day, but winners (win up to $75) will

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