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New Directions Publishing is launching The Novel Prize for a novel-length work of literary fiction by authors residing in North, South, or Central America, or Asia and Australasia, including Australia and New Zealand. The winning work will "explore and expand the possibilities of the form" and be "innovative and imaginative in style." The winning work will also follow the specs. Submit here or here through July 1, 2020, for a chance to win $10,000!

1000 Words of Summer, Day 14

Below are the words I've written for day 14 of 1000 Words of Summer. 6-11 We cheerfully ate the rest of our dinner as a couple on a couples' / vegan / yoga retreat should. My plan was working. I was soaking up all the good vegan karma, and Larry was tasting the delicious vegan food. I could already feel my soul being enriched. We even held hands on our walk back to our room. And I didn't even feel chilly. The barbeque tofu spice was heating me from the inside. I'd have to make that recipe at home, but... damn, I forgot to ask the waiter for the recipe. Even after Larry tipped him a fifty, at my request. And of course, I didn't ask for the Chili Bread Bowl recipe either. As if reading my mind

1000 Words of Summer, Days 7 - 13

Below are the words I've written for days 7 - 13 of 1000 Words of Summer. 6-4 I spent yesterday evening curled up on the back deck swing with a blanket. Larry tended the grill while I stared into the dark forest at the edge of our yard. The cheepers and peepers were in full force. And somewhere in that forest, Blinky's body lay rotting. Ugh. Why does my mind go there? Why can't I just remember Blinky as a living mouse? Those memories I have to manually call up. I've had a lot of pets in my life -- most of them during my childhood -- and every time one would go I'd remember them as I last saw them -- still and lifeless. Not jumping or running or playing. Same with Blinky... But she wasn't rea

1000 Words of Summer, Days 1 - 6

Below are the words I've written so far for 1000 Words of Summer: 5-29 "Is there something in the fridge, trying to get out?" I turned my head around and peered into the dark kitchen. Thump... thump... thump. The noise continued. "Probably not," I said. "Unless it's one of your bloody animal parts." "Ha. Good one," Larry said. The thump persisted. I clicked the mute on the remote. "Is it coming from outside the window?" Larry listened to the thump for a few beats, stood up, and slowly walked into the kitchen. I watched him from my chair, my half eaten salad on the TV tray beside me. I held my breath as he silently walked to the kitchen window. "No. It's not outside. I think we have another

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