1000 Words of Summer

Calling all writers, wordsmiths, and sentence-scrawlers! Jump into this supportive summer writing group in which you will write 1000 words per day, every day, for two weeks, starting May 29. But start writing now, because here is the prerequisite: "...write a letter to yourself – maybe take an hour to do it – and in that letter, deposit all your garbage feelings about your work. I’m talking about your fears and anxieties surrounding your writing, and every little trick you use to talk yourself out of being the best and most productive writer you can be. Write it down, put it in a drawer, and then don’t think about the contents of this letter, don’t go near it, don’t touch it, for the two wee

Another writer's perspective.

I believe, as a writer, every now and then you would do well to delve into the thought processes of another writer who does the craft differently than you. While some of the methods Empress Gail uses are similar to my own, other methods are quite different. The takeaway? A more refined and diverse set of writing tools. Here Gail talks for half an hour about "Finding Your Mesmerizing Voice As A Writer":

First-time charms...

Check out these publishing charms for first time, unagented, and (potentially) published authors: Blue Moon Publishers publishes literary fiction, women’s fiction, YA, middle grade, contemporary, historical, mystery, suspense, thriller, SciFi, fantasy, and humor. Bonus points for stories that have series potential! Read the specs and send a proposal here. Quirk Books quirkifies "smart, original, cool, and fun" manuscripts, as long as they're quirky! Check out the quirky editors and submit here. Talos Press presses science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Flip through their website, then propose your book here.

Grab bag of submissions.

Writers Alliance of Gainesville wants all the things! FICTION "Send us the best fiction you can write." (1000-3000 words) SHORT-SHORT "There is no minimum on word count. We love 25-word hint fiction as much as 750-word stories." HUMOR "Make us laugh in any literary form up to 1500 words...This can include personal essays, satire, poetry, short fiction, grocery lists, manifestos, or modified insurance policies." POETRY "Let us hear your particular voice... Break genres and bend boundaries..." (up to 1,500 words) CREATIVE NONFICTION (up to 2,500 words) Win up to $300 by submitting your best here by May 31, 2020!

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