Presto, sentences!

Need some sentences to jumpstart your writing? Artificial intelligence to the rescue; presto some sentences here! Here are mine (after several trial runs): Italy is my favorite country; in fact, I plan to spend two weeks there next year. He always wore his sunglasses at night. At that moment she realized she had a sixth sense. He colored deep space a soft yellow. He quietly entered the museum as the super bowl started. He used to get confused between soldiers and shoulders, but as a military man, he now soldiers responsibility. The beauty of the African sunset disguised the danger lurking nearby. She let the balloon float up into the air with her hopes and dreams. Everyone says they love nat

Free Passes for the Unagented

Polis Books wants to read (and possibly publish!) your unagented fiction masterpiece in one or more of the following genres: Fantasy Horror Literary Mystery Procedural* Romance Science Fiction Supernatural Suspense Thriller Traditional Crime / Cozies Women's YA *The only difference from the other list of fiction genres. They'll also consider non-fiction humor / essay, pop culture, or true crime masterpieces. Read their specs and submit here. Brother Mockingbird also accepts a wide range of fiction genre masterpieces from unagented authors: Fantasy Historical* Horror Literary Mystery Romance Science Fiction Supernatural Suspense Thriller Traditional Crime / Cozies Women's YA *The only differe

Utopia for writers.

This fellowship seeks essays of fiction (and nonfiction and several other categories) on the theme "Utopia." Word count maximum is 2,500. Winning prize is €8,000. The winner will also be invited to the fellowship symposium where they will be presented with the prize. Flights and accommodation comped! So enter your Utopian theme here by April 30, 2020.

Unstable Ground, by Adam Dove

Ludvic had not always lived underground. He had once been a respected member of the community: attended church with his family, valued a hard day’s work. People waved to him in town, and he waved back. It was from one of these workdays he returned home to a short note from his wife, and an empty house. The paper felt like fire in his hand. He left it where it lay, and went upstairs to bed. The next morning, he awoke to find that his house had sunk beneath the earth. He hadn’t heard it, but in the night a sinkhole had opened beneath him and swallowed his home. This happens sometimes in the old mining towns. Unstable ground. He leaned his head against the wall in despair and found that if he l

Hands-Up & Humor!

Hands-up: For writers who could use a financial helping hands-up, click here for a list of resources. Humor: Wanna chance to win up to $1,000 with your comedy-writing skills? Then play by the rules and follow Slackjaw on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check the specs, have a humor piece ready to submit from March 25 to April 30, 2020, and join the fun here!

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