SINGULARITY, pages 393 - 490

SINGULARITY Synopsis: Knox and Bonaventure are tracked down by the mega-yacht crew, of course, and are taken back onboard the mega-yacht, where most everybody is gathered for the final countdown... to the wee black hole post-initiative: time-travel! Or, more tellingly: message-travel! Sending messages from the present / future to the past / present (see how weird time- / message- travel gets?) to change the course of history / the future of the USSR and the world! Anyway, down in a submersible they all go to witness the wee black hole's SINGULARITY. Everyone looks on in bewilderment as the SINGULARITY dawns, but then, EGADS! The past / future of the USSR and the world is witnessed by all in

SINGULARITY, pages 295 - 392

SINGULARITY Synopsis: Bonaventure and Knox are snatched up by the agency from the cold, dark sea. And so, safely on land, continue their sex sessions. But now they're all touchy-feely too. And hapless Knox still has no idea of how to make sense of Bonaventure's cat-like moves. Fresh with the victory of capturing the wee black hole, Grishin is intent on capturing the the two supersleuths. Meanwhile, Adler, miraculously recovered from the wolf attack, publishes his wee-black-hole-in-the-earth findings online. Then Adler (via videoconference), Knox, Bonaventure, and eccentric computer hacker genius Mycroft meet and pool their knowledge. Reaction: DeSmedt is fixated on Bonaventure's non-saggy br

SINGULARITY, pages 197 - 294

SINGULARITY Synopsis: Knox and Bonaventure continue their sleuthing and slinking (and of course they finally boink) aboard the megayacht, until Grishin decides it's time to CAPTURE THE wee black hole with his super high tech wee-black-hole-capturing equipment. And so he instructs his hired thug to take the duo on a helicopter ride to a nearby island AKA dump them out at sea. Meanwhile, turns out that Adler wasn't offed by the wolf after all. He barely survived. Whew! Time to do more black-hole-detecting research. Back to the megayacht. The black hole, in it's subterranean orbit, nears the superconductive toroid electromagnets... and it's in! Reaction: Bonaventure and Knox really know how to

SINGULARITY, pages 99 - 196

SINGULARITY Synopsis: Knox and boss Aristos have a pissing contest (Knox won). This gave Knox just enough swagger to spy with Bonaventure on Grishin's megayacht. Adler, about to be booted from the Siberian research post, gets whacked by a hired thug, and if that wasn't enough, devoured by the thug's wolf. Or did he? A cliffhanger... Back to Knox and Bonaventure: sea legs firmly planted on the megayacht, they do some skillful sleuthing; and sparks fly between them... Reaction: Bonaventure and Knox kicked their side of the story into high gear, as expected, with their snooping and spying on the megayacht. Knox is a toned-down James Bond, and Bonaventure is a less-funny Catwoman. Also eye-rolli

SINGULARITY, pages 1 - 98

SINGULARITY Synopsis: Over one hundred years after the Tunguska event -- a mysterious and massive explosion in the Siberian hinterlands -- astrophysicist Jack Adler sojourns across the frozen outback to gather enough evidence to prove his hypothesis: The explosion the flattened 2,000 square kilometres of forest was caused by a submicroscopic black hole that is still burrowing through the planet! Meanwhile, secret agent Marianna Bonaventure is on the trail of three missing WMD scientists. Management consultant Jonathan Knox joins the fun and they hop onboard the corporate headquarters megayacht of billionaire industrialist Arkady Grishin... Reaction: I was entranced by the preliminary descrip

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