SINGULARITY @ 490+ pages in 31 days!

For the remainder of this year and through the first 29 days of 2020, every day I will read 14 pages of SINGULARITY, by Bill DeSmedt. Every Wednesday in January I will review the previous week's-worth of pages I will have read. And during the last two days of January, I will read the "Further Reading" pages at the end of the book... On a tangent, may the World come together in a Singularity of Superhappiness, as well as a technological Singularity !

The poet, strolling.

The poet, strolling through the woods, catches a glimpse of you and immediately falls in love, but is so taken by your beauty that all that can be done is to stand and stare as you walk past. No words exchanged. And so that night the poet makes calls to friends, tells the story, and they are so moved that the next day they form a band and call it "And Also the Trees", in honour of where the poet saw you, and fell in love. Your name remains unknown, so the poet calls you "Mary," and writes these lyrics... Now the poet strolls through the same forest every day yearning for another chance to say hello to you... One day again you appear and as you walk past you say hello.. and again the poet is

The movie is free!

Which came first: Needful Things or Meatful Things? Obviously, Needful Things came first chronologically. But meatful things have existed for hundreds of myr. Either way, the movie based on Stephen King's book is finally free for the viewing! Watch it before YouTube develops sentience... and embarrassment...

Gift Your Best Story

A story is a gift. And every story has a gift within... if you look with a wide lens... Ouen Press wants to reward short fiction that has "well-written compelling storylines, thoughtful plots and engaging characters" with publication, a £300 prize, and two £100 prizes. The stories must involve a gift. Physical, digital, serviceable, given at any time in any place. "...'Gift' will be viewed by the judges in the widest possible sense related to both setting and context." You have until midnight, December 31 (UK time) to read the gift-giving guidelines and give your gift here.

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