Wintertime writing...

Enchanted Conversation wants to publish wintery fairy tales, folktales, and myths in their December issue. Your story can be a rewrite of an established story or totally your own tale. Check the specs (they're picky about parameters)! $10 for 700 - 2,000 words. Submit your stories by November 20, 2019. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Mysterious journal...

Here's a chance to get your best short story into the first edition of a mysterious new short story journal... and a print-only journal at that! (Easier to impress passers-by with a paper book when you're out and about.) Check the guidelines. The first issue will bloom this coming spring!

1000s of scary dribbles!

As I wrote in this post, I entered a scary dribble contest. And now there are thousands of stories in the running (including mine!), all free for the reading. So if you're planning on sitting around a campfire this Halloweentime, or just snuggling warm and safe indoors, scroll through the stories and pick your own winners. (Even enter your own dribble -- there's no limit!) Then you and your fellow freaks and fiends can take turns reading them aloud during these spooky October nights!

Miss or Pitch

Do your pitches miss more than hit? The Book Doctors and author / publisher Cheryl Willis Hudson critique and give over 30 book pitch / query tips! (Video is edited for tips only.)

Spooky Contest...

EVERY WRITER is having a Halloween horror flash fiction contest. Your story must: be written by you(!), be 50 words, be previously unpublished, and be titled (not counted in the word count). Until October 25, 2019, enter as many stories as you want as comments in their comments section, and you could win $500! Also... "Be nice or be disqualified"!

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