Feed this contest.

One more writing binge this month! The prompt is “Feed Us.” Spit out up to 300 words, excluding the title. Then send your flash fiction story in the body of an email to, and in the same email attach it as a .doc. Put the word “CONTEST” in the subject line, click on "Send," and you could win $100, $30, or $20! And hurry, get it in by September 1!

Johnny, Sean, and David talk about planning to write, and writing to plan.

An exceptionally structured Self Publishing Podcast: "Dave started watching American Gods, and he's enjoying it. Johnny was inspired by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. How we planned the next few years of our production schedule. Our issues with scheduling over the years. The value in 'slowing down.' Foreshadowing with your marketing." (35 mins, NSFW)

My jaunt with a chest-swelling spider.

Here is my poem very loosely based on a partially true experience: I held my say amid shrill screeches Poison loaded into efficient niches Crouched, tense, ready to inject Yet I stood still to admire and respect Then spider crept from arm to hand To set it free its only demand My chest did swell, but twas't from fright The spider jumped off into indistinct night...

The spider jumped off...

Last week my next-door-neighbor took a chainsaw to the biomass covering the front of her house. Odd that she didn't take a rake to the chopped branches and leaves. But not to be bothered, I needed some sticks to stake a few of my tomato plants. So I reached inside the mass of stems and pulled out a few suitables. About ten minutes later as I was stooping to fill my watering pail, I saw a hitchhiker on the knee of my jeans. Yep, it was a brown recluse. (Thankfully I was wearing jeans instead of shorts!) I stood up to go find a leaf to flick the spider off. As I was walking, I kept an eye on it... and it migrated from the front of my jeans to the back... at which point I hurriedly took my jean

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